Siachin Glacier ( useless sacrifice)

The beauty of the region was that when the Shimla agreement LOC was drawn, armies on both side thought it would be ridiculous to draw and monitor a front there. The area is inhospitable round the year and hence no question of a dispute. Like most glaciers, high unfathomable mountains, this area was also not divided.

Pakistan started promoting it as a tourist destination and tons of tourist started coming there (from the Pakistan side) in search of virgin ice. None of the forces from both the sides were having bases. It was widely accepted that the terrain was too dangerous for any infiltration/smuggling. Some tribal/ shepherds from the Indian side spotted the tourists and reported their presence to Indian army which immediately sends patrol parties to the glacier. The tourists reported the army presence to the Pak rangers and the militarization started.

Now this frozen desert has become a major prestige issue, both sides proudly proclaim it to be the highest battle-field. Well battles should be like flash floods… you come and you should sweep/conquer and not the ones we are fighting. The only people who lose are the faceless soldiers who get killed in hundreds each year on both sides… not due to shelling, but due to the terrain/ avalanches.


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