How to wear a saree?

I tried explaining one of my friend what a saree means and how to wear it:

Saree is a 6m long and 1m wide drape with beautiful weaving, stones
and embroidery, which Indian women wear. First you wear a blouse and a petticoat.
Then wrap 3 meters of this cloth around a waist like a long skirt,
fold the rest of the saree along the width in 8-10 pleats and tuck it in from the front side,
Finally turn around again, bring it round your hips to the front and finally diagonally across your side over your breast to your left shoulder allowing the excess cloth hang behind your back.

Pathetic descriptions, isn’t it… Finally gave it up. A picture is worth a thousand words, so send her links to these 2 websites.

Well if you still could not get it, then here is a nice youtube video to help you out (courtesy DDeden)

Inspired I even browsed for Dhoti. I always wanted to wear one, but never had a chance to try my hands on it. The instruction manual read something like this:

How it is done:

1. The dhoti is one long piece of cloth. Start by folding it in half so that it is half its original length.
2. Drape the dhoti behind you. The stripe should be vertical and held at the top by the left hand. The top of the folded side should be in your right hand and the dhoti should drape almost to the ground behind your heels.
3. Bring together in front of you the folded side in your right hand to meet the stripe side in your left hand.
4. Hold both the folded and stripe side in your left hand and bring them at even tension directly to your left side, keeping the bottom of the dhoti level and near the ground.
5. Hold the stripe side in your left hand as you accordion fold the fold side with your right hand until it is even horizontally with your left leg.
6. There should now be a folded bunch in your right hand. Slightly lift this bunch in your right hand as you bring the stripe side over it to your right side. The dhoti is now wrapped around you. What is left is adjusting the tightness and rolling it down to hold the tension in place.
7. Take the bunch in your right hand twist it slightly together and to the left and slip the top side of the dhoti just over the bunch to hold it in place.
8. Even up the stripe side so that the stripe is vertical and the dhoti drapes level just above the floor.
9. Roll the top of the dhoti down to a comfortable waist level, somewhere below the belly button.

Scary 😦 I read all the 9 steps, yet it made no sense. Let me try once more, maybe there is somewhere a step by step pictorial procedure that might be more informative.

PS: thanks to Sathiyan for providing me with the link on Dhoti wearing.


29 thoughts on “How to wear a saree?

  1. hi, i am ackshaya ,am a girl of 18.i am a girl of normal height but with a little bit of stomach and a little bit of back too.due to these reasons i feel myself that saree makes me to look please give me ur suggetions that how to wear a saree whether above or below my navel? etc


  2. Hi Ackshaya

    Sure you will look sexier in saree below navel. Little bit of stomach and back won’t make a look of fat. If you have really big stomach, I can advise you try to reduce it as big stomach is never good for any one. Reasonably big hips are always better for a perfect body shape. So if you have little bit stomach, never wear saree above navel, it won’t look nice and you will look fattier. For a better and sexy look you must wear saree below navel, as much below where stomach shapes inward but definitely above pubic area. Bigger hips always give a better shape if saree is wrapped tight to expose a sexy shape.



  3. Wearing a dhoti is akin to wearing a nav vari sari , only it is like a half sari that covers the bottom half

    Dhoti is much more comfortable than trousers, and is best for indian conditions of hot and damp climate.

    Wow it is one of your oldest posts


  4. hi….ackshaya

    if you have good big, deep and rounded navel also big and wider hips give sexy look . i suggest you to wear saree below navel exact on your pubic area where ur stomach shape finished. you look more pretty and sexy.I have good deep rounded navel and i always try to wear saree too below my navel as posible on just my pubic area. some times my pubic hairs visible through my saree but i dont have any problem to going on public places and travelling in public transport infact i enjoyed when when peaple stairing on navel and stomach


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  6. Wearing a dhothi for men’s ,the man who have a little or more stomach the he can wear the dhothi below navel,that is realy good and comfortable.But realy slim body man never wear the dhothi below navel.I am 28 and married,me having white colour body and big belly .i used to wear dhothi below navel.its most comfortable rather than above wife also like that way…


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