In the Line of Fire

Most Indians try to think Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is a pompous buffoon. He keeps making appearances in front of Media and utter hollow words. Well my response is.

1) He is a military general of the highest order. Using just a couple of hundred soldiers he humiliated India. We did regain our territory back, but at the loss of 1000 of soldiers and few hundred crore of expenses.
2) He is a statesman of the highest order. Overthrowing a popular Prime Minister and managing to head Pakistan for years is no trivial task.
3) India accuses him of being an exporter of terrorism (which he probably does) but still he manages to earn the title of an “Ally in the War against Terrorism”
So it will be wise for India not to dismiss his words without giving them a second thought.

Kashmir has been a disaster from day one. selling the sinking boat

1) Now we have reached to a situation where 1/3 of our armed forces are being constantly deployed in the tiny hill state. This is no small thing for a country that has the second largest army in the world.
2) We lose more soldiers in fighting terrorism than Americans killed in Iraq. Remember Iraq is temporary, but Kashmir has been bleeding for 50 years.
3) People of Kashmir hate us. We have an imperialistic Armed Forces Governance which denies Indian citizens of their basic human rights.
4) The war in Kashmir will probably never reach a solution. Even if we cover the valleys with a layer of lead sprayed from the guns, we still might never to able to win the hearts back.

So what is the solution? Well Musharraf has been trying to tell India (since Nov 2005 Aaj Tak interview) about phased demilitarization of J&K. And in return he will guarantee peace. We dismissed him then, and now that he wrote his ideas in a book… we are cursing him. Remember President is a dictator and does not have the liberty of time with him. If he does not take steps soon, or at least lay a foundation all his work, his ideas will be lost for ever.

India on the other hand has been constantly bleeding due to the Kashmir fiasco. Nations due to their pride (Nationalism) have problems in acknowledging their misjudgments. Hence Musharaff is providing us with an honorable exit. I think we should take it.


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