Inspiration and motivation

Today I watched the remake of the movie Don. Shahrukh Khan who claimed that he did not even knew how to ride a bicycle learned how to ride a car….. all in the middle of a police chase…. his motivation… the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra who was sitting next to him all along.

Sounds filmy… so did I thought, but then I looked at myself…. this weekend I not only learned how to ride a bike… that too after a brief 15 minutes flat tutorial from a reluctant friend….. And I learned it wonderfully enough to drive it over the hill slopes, highways of goa and even to places where there were no roads carrying a pillion who had no insurance…

my motivation?
Well I had 2…. first the wonderful bike ‘Natasha’…. and second my beautiful friend.
Who says real life cannot be filmy 😉