Maruti Zen (little Boxes Ad)

Zen has come up with the nice advertisement with lyrics. But i feel the irony of Maruti coming up with this advertizement amusing. What is the boxes in the advertisement referring to?
The only ugly box shaped cars I see on the road belong to the Maruti Suzuki stable. (Maruti Omni, and Maruti Wagon R.)

If it is the most common car on the streets, then again it is Maruti 800.
Either way why would a advertisement target its own brand?
But then I do not understand advertisements.


6 thoughts on “Maruti Zen (little Boxes Ad)

  1. i just hope u dont watch tv after coming to us …. i used to think advertisements in india are absurd but the word loses its meaning in US.


  2. The passive viewer of the ad may not think about other Maruti brands at all. In fact, it seemed quite a strage ad to me in the first place, a different ad for an automobile, which caught my attention rather suddenly.


  3. I liked the out-of-the-box thinking,

    They way they say that everyone is boxed into the same kinda life, even when you graduate, marry and have kids. That is striking

    But how can buying a car with curves help me get my individuality? duh…


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