Burka ban by Indian jewellers

For past 50 years Indian cinema was giving lots of idea to thieves about how a person (even a male) can mask his identity using a veil. But it looks like only today Indian public realized its threat.

All India Ulama Council, has proposed a boycott of all such establishments.


5 thoughts on “Burka ban by Indian jewellers

  1. jewellers’ association in pune is mainly marwaris, and if they have decided this then it would soon be followed in major cities in india.
    Anyways people should take it as a security concern and should not make it a religious issue!!!


  2. Muslims would be wise to discontinue the use of the burka before it becomes more of a symbol of oppression of women, separation, fanaticism, danger and fear than it already is. It is rapidly becoming the visual expression of all that is wrong with radical Islam.


  3. I totally agree with you…
    Remember Pardah system….. it is almost similar to the burkah which Muslims have today…. and what did hindu’s do to get rid of it?
    educate and empower women.
    as the education, and self respect will increase… the use of burkah will get reduced.


  4. Jewellers are marwaris, that’s why this ban will be short lived. Why will they risk losing business over such a silly issue ? they can easily ask one of the sales girls to check if there is a woman behind the burqua.


  5. i think marwaris would have evaluated the Pros and Cons before imposing the blame.. rolling it back would be just to invite some bad publicity… which is never good for business.
    however i totally agree with you that a compromise like a female salesgirl/security personal checking the person is totally feasible and would soon be implemented.


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