Wearing a Suit

I recently bought a set of formal clothes…. here are what my first reactions were…
1) tie: Anybody wearing this in my sense is an over enthusiastic jehadi following the footsteps of Saddam Hussein and yelling out… I am next!!! I am next!!
2) design. The coat/blazer feels more constricted than a medieval knight’s armor plating. I bet, the shoulder padding was actually designed by a gentleman whose shoulder was in a cast.
3) Warmth…. My grandma told me to fight pneumonia, cover your chest. But these fashion designers would cover my arms with 4 layers of fabric and leave my chest exposed to the chilling wind. I wonder how many scientist and how many millions of dollars would have been used to come up with this totally useless design.
4) cuff links: It reminds me of a Kathak dancer who ties ghungoo (bells) on her feet. The constant banging of these metal bits on my table makes my keyboard feel like an antique typewriter.
5) Pockets: Man this thing has 9 pockets. Who says only kids can in cargo trousers can play a hide and seek game while searching for the pocket contents.

I am still searching for any functional use of this exorbitantly expensive costume. Yet it is compulsory in most offices, and elite gatherings. Maybe because they want everybody to look like a steward or a sales man in uniform.


3 thoughts on “Wearing a Suit

  1. hehe…women are worse off – you have the salwar kamaeez with that ridicolous chunni that’s an invite to your friendly neighbourhood psychopath to strangle you..then you have the sari, and the petticoat, and the bouse and the make up..aaargh


  2. hahah you have a great blog here… maybe you could come and check my blog out sometime and maybe we could add each other to our blogroll


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