Oligarchic India

The Communist governments of China and Supreme court of India and Negrophobic Judges of Texas issue 80-90% of all the capital punishments awarded. But Indians have a vision to be Number 1, the global leaders. Today the wise men of the country issued a stray comment, but tomorrow the courts might even enforce Hanging of 10,000 elected representatives of the country by lamp posts to demonstrate their power. Why? Just to prove their power.

No wonder India is actually not a democracy but the world’s largest Oligarchy.

Indian Supreme Courts might not have time to give a verdict on the cases which have been pending for decades. It does not have enough man power to appoint judges for the posts that have been lying vacant for years, it does not have funds and the willpower to modernize/computerize its archives. Their own house is a mess, but it does have enough meddlers to intervene and sabotage the democratic proceedings of the nation. To me they are no better than that annoying neighbor I have who eavesdrops at my conversations.

I agree that all governments are stupid and most politicians are corrupt. “Andho Meigh Kana Raja” (A person blind with one eye will rule the blind subjects). But at least they answerable to the public, and are courteous enough to keep a tab on the pulse of the public. I can give you names of a 100 Indian politicians who did something remarkable for the country/state/region. Find me one judge who can made a difference or even became a statesman. I bet half of you do not know the name of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or your local High Court? And they don’t know you. Then what empowers then to tamper with our democratic process.

There have been great dictators and emperors in this world, but very few empires could last more than their lifetime. Napoleon saw it crumble even when he was alive, while empires of Alexander and Ashoka could not survive the demise of their leader. Democracy is the only institution which can outlast its founders and has proven to flourish continuously for centuries.

What courts are doing is only weakening our fledgling democratic process. It is doing more harm than good.


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