While watching Shrek, I was just thinking: “Aren’t the online life exactly like living in a animated fantasy?”
“Is internet for real, or is it some dream world?”
You type ROFL all the time on internet, but when was the last time you heard of someone literally “Rolling on the floor and laughing”?
In the safety of our cyber cafes, how often do you use expressions and words which you know you would have never said had you have met the person face to face in real life?

When you meet someone on the internet, exactly whom are you meeting?
1) the real real life him/her,
2) the person which the other person thinks he/she is,
3) the person what your acquaintance wants to be?
4) or what that other person wants to be?

I think Internet is a place which is similar to a dream, because you are what you want to be. Yet it is unique because now a dream is one man’s fantasy… while internet is a collaboration of the fantasy of a million souls.
What do you think?

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