Hard Work

I have a wonderful state of the art Laptop with a Core2 Duo microprocessor which can process billions of instructions in a second.
However, since I am facing a mental block, all I am doing is stare at the screen. And all this machine is doing is blinking the cursor.

Apparently, the computational efforts required to blink the cursor location was so tiring that in an hour, all the batteries were drained and the machine was exhausted and went for hibernation.

I wonder how many of us face the same situation in real life…. we possess immense potential and can perform miracles, but our masters and bosses trust with with only routine, menial and repetitive work. So in spite of achieving nothing productive, we feel exhausted at the end of the day.

7 secrets of success


3 thoughts on “Hard Work

  1. If u want to put creativity and excellence to work…u shd be in ur own business….something u are passionate about. Its a constant source of challenge and a great motivator.


  2. yups that is true… but opening a business is a giant step for a guy who is used to getting a fat pay cheque every month…
    often u do not want to risk that… but again no risk no gain


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