Uncomfortable chart

economic growth

an indepth analysis on the subject of why politically repressed economies do better than politically free economies.


7 thoughts on “Uncomfortable chart

  1. i think one needs to go deeper in these statistics

    economies like china have a component of window dressing in their figures,
    while economies like singapore can be considered as ideals in managed economies

    nyways countries with too much political freedom leads to interference in growth due to so called political considerations of vote politics


  2. the only logical explanation i can think of is that the economies of most of the developed countries (western europe, america and asia) are saturated… they grow by a minuscule 1-2% p.a. and their economy size is huge enough to pull the entire growth rate figures down.

    while controlled economies (yes singapore does not allow political freedom too) are predominantly developing nations.. and their growth figures are higher…

    all said and done… yes dictatorship always benefits the economy… but then most dictators are known to undertake wars and/or costly but glorious projects … which have no economic value… and squander the gains away.


  3. Hi

    I guess the reasons were covered in comments section. China (with political repression)in its prime time of growth is hiking the statistics and whereas most of the developed nations (politically free) have saturated economy and all they are striving is to sustain that marginal minuscule growth around 1 to 2% p.a.


  4. @thiru…
    i did did not write about it in the main post because i am not qualified to elaborate it.

    i agree but he did lead him to ruins… but i believe that global average over 15 years is a big enough trend to comment on.


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