open letter to ICICI Bank

Am I the only person in this planet who gets pissed off by ICICI Bank?

I had opened up a ICICI Bank account in April, and for the past 4 months I have been breaking my head to get a debit card issued from your bank
I have called your customer care about 8 times,
visited your branch 3 times,
and written twice to your customer care.
On one occasion I thought I won the battle when your manager issued me an instavisa card, but that pleasure was short lived because you guys refused to activate it. In my past 3 years at my current residence I have not even a single ordinary post, but some how your courier guy is never able to find my residence.

One humble request, have I harmed you guys in any way that I am getting this special treatment? Because honestly, I am losing my patience.
I have paid
750/- account opening.
111/- for a debit card which I do not think i will ever get.
206/- telephone calls.
150/- Auto Fare
12 hours of my time over something which ICICI bank is definitely not interested in issuing.


I had a PNB (Punjab National Bank) account in Kharagpur. The Bank Manager refused to issue me a chequebook. There was a ATM Machine and even though I always maintained a healthy bank balance, the bank never issued an ATM Card. Hence I had to waste 1 hour at the teller every month. I moved to HDFC, and like ICICI, I started losing couriers. So I finally moved to CITIBANK (Bangalore) and in the past 3 years I have never had a reason to visit their branch and everything is a phone call away. I am one happy customer.

I had a shrarekhan account and it had become a pain in the ass… on one occasion they wrongly charged me 100K INR. (after one month of fighting I finally managed to get the charges reversed) 4 months ago I opened up a ICICI Direct account (which provides me a much more reliable service). However with it comes the pain of dealing with ICICI Bank. The worse part is that I cannot do an online transaction without the Debit card.

However Foreign Banks and brokerage services provide me with an excellent service. Smith Barney and UBS provide me with some excellent brokerage services. They might be expensive, but even if i value my time at a minuscule 50/- an hour, I am saving millions of rupees.


42 thoughts on “open letter to ICICI Bank

  1. In the last few years, the easily available credit cards and loans in the
    market have superbly enabled us to increase our purchasing power way beyond
    what our salaries ever could.

    I can now buy just about anything on EMI by availing of these loans and
    credit cards – be it a car, a house, expensive jewellery or a branded watch
    that costs almost more than 10 times my salary! What bliss…. and all
    because of the availability of credit at this age. Its a lifestyle I
    so enjoy, but one which I know I must curb at some point. I have been
    telling myself that I should stop spending too much on my card because the
    bills at the end of the month tend to bother me. This heavily
    credit-dependent lifestyle makes me feel good and experience things I
    otherwise, but it also stresses me out every now and then. I tell myself and
    I want to stop but I can’t seem to! It’s almost like an addiction now. It’s
    frustrating every now and then.

    Anyway, logic not prevailing, I have been continuing the same lifestyle. I
    don’t think I will ever be able to stop it completely but regulating the
    habit is something I am looking at now. I have begun to search for some way
    in which I could possible get some professional guidance on “how
    much” of this indulgence was ok for me at each point. To what extent could I
    indulge and still manage to pay my bills and EMIs? To what extent can I
    afford to live on credit and yet not be stressed about the bills?! How many
    loans can I take and still manage to pay off the EMI’s comfortably every
    month so that I am not in a situation where I have no money in the last week
    of every month!?? For how many months of
    the year can I afford to continue paying the minimum on my credit card?

    Would any of you be aware of any such service that I can avail of? Who do I
    approach for such advice? Would be great if you could write in and advise me


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