90,000 schools without blackboards

Everytime I pay a tax, I also pay a huge educational cess…. this sum was promised to be used in spreading education to the country’s 1/3 of the population which cannot read or write.
But here is the ground reality

Since the situation has not improved since 2004-2005 and has only worsen since then…. Where did my money go?
Don’t tell me it went in creating new IITs, IIMs, or AIIMS with the sole purpose is to create an army of professionals who would pay taxes and help US Government reduce its Social Security deficit. Because… we have not created a new one either in the past couple of decades.


15 thoughts on “90,000 schools without blackboards

  1. Though the Goverment has brought plenty of scheme towards the development of education like SSA- education for all, we can still see differences between schools of Rural & city.

    yes, in the city’s school, students are learning with the help of LCD,OHP and other advance technology but in rural…………?

    education’s budget allocation where it goes…….?


  2. @velmurugan….
    Welcome to ENagar 🙂

    I know sarva shiksha abhiyan has some really noble goals, but unfortunately very few steps r taken to achieve it.
    and worse that even the people r complacent about the lack of primary education


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