StartForce (WebOS)

One of my office colleague recently pointed me a very nice internet based OS startforce. Although the product still looks to be in development stages, but its cool to see an entire windows like desktop opening up inside a window. There is no installations, no download, or not even a bulky readme to go though. Just log in there and signup.. you should be up and running in 30 seconds (it requires an email verification, but i think that should be ok)

Also since I am hooked to applications like citrix , VNC and telnet server, I find it very cool to control several other desktops using my own workstation.

PS: If you do not have a broadband service/high speed internet, please do not bother with this post.

Feeling Bored?
here is a cool windows trick to trouble your sibling who always manages to snatch the computer when u want it.

The Flight of Time

One day you are an infant who can barely crawl and next day you are a school kid commuting on your own.
A few days ago, you could not imagine life without your parents, but today you feel that the weekly phone calls that your parents make are intrusion.

If on one free you sit back ponder, you would realize that events that happened years ago feels like just yesterday. However, at that point I asked myself this question:
“What did I do in the last 1-2 years?”
“Is waking up, checking emails, commuting to office, commuting back, watching some TV, attend some late night conference calls and an occasional drink all what I achieved?”

Time flies, and it flies faster than you can imagine… but the question is who is incharge? Am I living life or just passively passing my time?

I feel, one of the best martix to answer this question is:
“What new did I learn/experience this week?”

You can add something as big as “I learned how to drive today” to something as small as “I learned that red wine strains do not go off as easily… esp when u spill it on the wall”
I have been creating this weekly list for quite some time now and I average to about 15-20 new things each week… What about you, how big is your list?

Here is a nice short italian movie to lighten the mood.