Miracle Love

Among the latest commercials, my favourite is the ‘Pond’s age miracle’ one.

Its simple and catchy and brings out the message with its attractive presentation.

Google took me to its site and it looks like various versions of the same advertisement has been telecasted periodically but with the same message.

The present one is loaded with romantic feel good scenes , where a oh so handsome (hmm..that’s the best part 😉 ) guy wearing a chef’s cap seats an impeccably dressed woman and asks her if she is expecting anyone …. she says “hopefully” with mischief twinkling in her eyes. She enquires what the chef’s special is and he bends down to her ears and whispers ‘you’ in a caressing tone. The stage is all set now.

After which the product promotion portrays the lady using the ‘miracle’ and becomes perfecto in seven days flat and the guy falls in love with her all over agai (ok ok…I agree its a bit too much to take…but , u know…).

The last scene has the happy wife twiddling her pearl strings and dreamily asking him ‘do u accept cards’ and the awesome handsome hubby dear says ‘only if it says….I love you’ .
Oh..it is so impressive.

Coming to the main point here. Now lets see what the message says….
“you want to be noticed by your man…use ponds miracle”.

Its not like its their initial days of courting…she is rekindling interest here. I wonder why he had lost interest in her in the first place.

Is it because she looks ‘aged’ ? What about her other virtues ? Is’nt beauty just skin deep or even less than that ?

I somehow like the commercial that portrays a women feeling elated when she is admired for her flawless skin by all .

As for messages , I like the ad where a woman is mistaken for a college student and just then a little girl comes running calling her ‘mummy’ and hugs her. The mother takes all the surprised glances in her stride and flashes a confident smile.

C’mon Ponds , Shiseido , L’oreal and the likes….high time you introduced a ‘miracle’ that drives sense into men who ignore their girls because she is ‘ageing’ !


I find the female body attractive. But I by what figment of imagination can anyone even think that exposing your under cleavage sexy?
low cut jeans

I am ok with a woman exposing her skin or even dressing up in a manner which to some looks trashy, but these low cut jeans is actually promoting nudity in public. Also this mooning is intentional and is not because I am a pervert who is always on the lookout for a wrong view.

BTW looks like google image search never gives me the answers I want. What kind of image search engine do you guys use?