Just Don’t Cheat

i call that apt justice
I wonder whether the guy would be more sorry about the fact that his wife found out about his cheating or about what she did to his car

don't cheat

I wonder what other could be a good punishment for a cheating spouse

120 thoughts on “Just Don’t Cheat

  1. oh yeah…there are some guys whose very presence can make a girl feel upset …she just cant put her finger on what it is !

    the dish is called ‘Ankur rotisserie’ πŸ™‚


  2. hmmm .

    I wud certainly like to join the meal..
    But pls tell me the ingredients you are using…I think u guys are making up “KHICHDI”.. πŸ™‚

    @sree …I wud like the dish..if i get a bheja fry of your’s.


  3. Prime ribs marinated in the art of ragging ,sauteed in a bed of arrogance ,lightly tossed with some kindess and generously sprinkled with a sense of humor .Simmered to a perfect blend.

    like it ?

    btw..what is bheja fry ? I know its a movie..but nothing more.


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