Beats Me…….

// What do you do if you run over a lawyer?
Back over him to make sure. Then, make another notch on the steering wheel. //

Now what do lawyers do to arouse such hatred ? Mainly, the problem is that they’re smart. Being smart is definitely démodé these days 😉

For one thing, having to acknowledge that someone other than us is smart is in itself very painful. 😛

Jokes apart….

I am not going to defend Lawyers’ plight….just analyse what makes people despise them.

The only time a person goes to court is when something bad has happened. Court experiences tend to be very negative no matter you win or lose, and lawyers bear the brunt. If you lose, well obviously it’s because your lawyer screwed up and if you win, obviously it’s because you deserved to win. In fact, you would have won even if you didn’t have a lawyer.

The legal system is something that is so complicated that a layman finds it difficult to understand and takes it out on the lawyer.

The law is a huge topic, and the language used is not friendly even to the juniors leave alone the “general public” . People begin to get suspicious if they cannot understand what they are signing, and have to take the lawyer’s word that things are moving in the right direction. Lawyers have their own language, and way of doing things, that is often different from other businesses.

When people shop for dentists , they want the ones who promise ‘least pain’ …while when they do for lawyers , its ‘toughest’…so that they can inflict it on their enemies.
But if they patch up later , more often than not the client justifies his actions and makes his lawyer the scape-goat.
Its like “Sonny dear , I wasn’t aware of what was happening..that meanie bag Lawyer talked me into it” 😦
Now , how’s that ? You want the meanest , toughest , most ruthless Lawyer for your dirty work , and then you want to wriggle
out of it ‘spotless’ calling him the very names that attracted you to him in the first place.

Also, court business takes a long time for things to get resolved, and they may not be resolved in the way one would like. He is giving control to another person, and also passing on information that is confidential. That puts the client in a not too comfortable position.
Another thing I have noticed is , everyone is wary as soon they know they are dealing with a lawyer. They think , the lawyers won’t hesitate to slap a suit as things are easy for them. I wouldn’t say they don’t have a point.

But the thing that irks me is ,why is the police never made fun of ….except for their infamous paunch , their ethics never becomes the butt of joke.

In what way are lawyers worse than software engineers in the US who go to the US with one company but get their H1 done by 3 companies in no time 😉

But I should add that I do enjoy jokes, period .Be it on Lawyers or any other professional 🙂