Is it time for a change ?

A few weeks ago , there was a major mishap which left the survivors feeling guilty, angry, remorseful, helpless, and confused.
A star student with a promising career in the IT field and the man she was living with committed suicide by laying on railway tracks in the outskirts of the city.
The reason..
The couple could not take the criticisms and disapproval of their respective families and immediate circle of friends .
Its not the usual case of a young couple falling in love and facing the wrath of the parents.
This case is all the more complicated because the man involved is already  married  with 2 young children. His wife is unemployed and is dependent on him for maintenance. He has deserted her to live with this girl whom he had fallen for.
To add insult to injury , this man was the girl’s professor in college and had resigned his job and moved to the city where the girl worked , to live with her.
There has been severe opposition and threats from the girl’s family and none had approved of the relationship.
There is nothing concrete known about the event that triggered this decision but there is speculation that the man’s wife had filed a case and the girl’s father demanded that she resign her job and return to her home-town.
It took some time for me to come to terms with this shocking news, as I had known about this for quite sometime now and had even expressed my views to my friend that she is stupid to have got into such a relationship and that he is using her.

But there are a few things that puzzle me:
1. Who is to be blamed for this ?
the society and the family who did not understand their commitment or the deceased who were cowardly and took the easy way out ?
2. Now that they have proved that they meant something to each other, can we understand and approve such illicit relationships ?
3. why do people who have the courage to get into such relationships do not have the courage to make it work ?
Whatever the reasons, one side-effect of this incident is that , it left me a lot less judgmental. Maybe its time we understood these out of the ordinary relationships and be more tolerant towards them..
After all ,it seems like the heart is a crazy thing with a mind of its own.