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Do Patte Patjhad Ke, Pedon Se Utre The
Pedon Ki Shakhon Se Utre The
Phir Utne Mausam Guzre Woh Patte Do Bechaare
Woh Patte Dil Dil Dil The Woh Dil The Dil Dil The..


Toilet Robbery

My bladder always wants to torture me in new innovative ways. Till yesterday, it always got an urge for a micturition whenever there are no public toilets in sight, but today it crossed its limit. Like those sadistic girls who like to tease guys, my bladder had this urge just in front of a public toilet.. the catch was, the facility owners had locked the urinal. (it was 11am which is hardly an odd hour)

So here I was, trying to tame my bladder and thinking of 1 logical reason why anybody would like to keep a stinky toilet under lock and key? Like any other guy in that situation, the only sane explanation I could come up with was that there exists a band of armed bandits which specializes in stealing the stench from public toilets. Hence the authorities had to beef up security at such places.

What do you think could be the reason?

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