Toilet Robbery

My bladder always wants to torture me in new innovative ways. Till yesterday, it always got an urge for a micturition whenever there are no public toilets in sight, but today it crossed its limit. Like those sadistic girls who like to tease guys, my bladder had this urge just in front of a public toilet.. the catch was, the facility owners had locked the urinal. (it was 11am which is hardly an odd hour)

So here I was, trying to tame my bladder and thinking of 1 logical reason why anybody would like to keep a stinky toilet under lock and key? Like any other guy in that situation, the only sane explanation I could come up with was that there exists a band of armed bandits which specializes in stealing the stench from public toilets. Hence the authorities had to beef up security at such places.

What do you think could be the reason?

BTW: you might also like my PHD grade thesis on Urinals.

and some jokes about urinals:

A man entered the restroom after lunch, washed his hands, and then headed to the urinal. A co-worked was also at the sink. He asked, “You wash your hands before you pee?” The first man replied, “I had KFC for lunch. I don’t want my wife to tell me I taste like chicken!”

A soldier and a sailor finished in the restroom, but the sailor started to leave without washing his hands. The soldier said, “Hey, sailor! In the Army, they taught us to wash our hands after pi$sing!” The sailor replied, “That’s nice, soldier. In the Navy, they taught us not to pi$s on our hands!”


19 thoughts on “Toilet Robbery

  1. @karthi…
    very true… now that explains what i was seeing 🙂

    //for commodity mkts the initial deposit is huge//
    u sure? i trade in equity derivatives… i usually pay around 5k for options of 50 nifty option. and about 20k for derivatives (contract value about 2.5L) i do not think commodities would be any different….

    //secondly can u easily sell and buy etfs ?there are hardly any trades//
    i do not know what gave u that idea….
    Morgan stanley had a volume of 87,287 at NSE and 89,747 at BSE today….. thats like 10cr per day.

    //where do u see the mkts ? 20000+?//
    i do not know… can u name one stock which u think has room for appreciation…. i cannot find any one.


  2. my friend traded in gold and oil for a while
    the initial deposit was close to a lakh in ncdex

    i was talkg abt spice and sunder not mstanley

    markets go through periods of irrational exhuberance
    dont they?


  3. I have no idea about commodity trading 😦
    also i tried researching about them.. but i found that most contracts were speculative short term ones.. and are settled in a week or 2.. and there is absolutely no possibility of a long term investment… plus you have to understand that sometimes a crazy merchant can settle the contracts with actual merchandise instead of cash.. so you might end up with a warehouse receipt (for which you will have to pay maintenance every week)


  4. btw… i was telling you that a I had sold my stocks and put all the money in ICICI’s bond offer with 10% coupon interest rate….
    and my speculation turned true 🙂 the interest rates have started to drop..

    so as soon as these bonds will get listed in the exchange, I would sell them.. and hope that by that time i would be able to zero down on a good scrip to invest in…

    and to answer your previous question 🙂
    yes the fall in interest rate will automatically improve the valuations
    BTW, lets move this discussion thread to


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