This image correctly and accurately captures the essence of what I always wanted to convey. Almost all Indian cities are crowded and the only cost effective solution to that is to privatize public transport. For a small license fee/tax allow anybody and everybody should be allowed to operate a bus to where ever they want to, whenever they want to.

Reason: A bus occupies far less space then what cars/autos or even motorcycle does. Also the per passenger fuel consumption, air pollution is also very less. The best part is that office goers can also catch a nap, make a few friends or even read the newspaper while in the bus. Hence making them more productive in office as compared to those who were behind the wheel for hours before they reach their destination.

Currently very few people commute by public transport because either there is no bus in their direction or when there is one, its frequency is too low or its too crowded. But that is because most bus services are in govt hands. The government administration kills creativity. It does not have enough resources to satisfy the needs of the public, the routes and stoppages are decided by a babu who has never been to that locality hence does not properly represent the needs of the public… and hence poor service.  Unfortunately, the political nexus and the pilferage does not allow the city administration to be able to run their mass transit services profitably. Hence in most places they are in the state of neglect.

The government could continue to subsidize this poor service, or simply allow private operators to supplement their operations. A private bus operator will run his busses for longer hours, design his routes and timings more efficiently resulting in converting it to a profitable venture (while charging the same fares). So essentially any city administration can reduce its traffic congestion without spending even a single penny 🙂 The people get benefited because now there always will be a bus in their direction of travel so they will not have to resort to more expensive means. Not only that the license fees, and the taxes paid by the bus operators would pay for the much needed development of the city roads. But alas, only if the people and the politicians listen 😦


16 thoughts on “transport

  1. In kerala there is more number of private buses plying its roads. but then in cities like cochin, although its solving the problems of commuters, its creating havoc due to less regulations and high speed chases.
    But then I support privatisation, coz only when there is competition there will be more commuter friendly buses around.


  2. @prax…
    i know it looks like a vicious circle… but it is not too hard to break it…
    all u need to do is to educate the masses.
    Have u read India unbound by Gurcharan Das? its an amazingly good book. it analyzed india’s past 100 years in a very lucid way.

    that is what i could never understand.. all the trucks, autos, taxis, tractors and lorries are operated by private individuals… and some of them live multi axle volvo trucks are many times larger than these buses… yet people never complained


  3. That is an interesting ccihoe i know alot of people that say they dont think that they could work with the elderly especially ones whom are really dependent. So kudos to you!!


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