These days I was facing terrible trouble in getting a good newspaper.
I had started reading the newspaper ever since the First Gulf war. That time I used to read Times of India a habit which continued way till my college days.

Immediately after coming to Bangalore, I started subscribing to Hindu, but it turned out to be too dry and communist for my taste.
So inspired by the quality of editorials, I switched to New Indian express. But due to ultra low volumes, the distributor stopped distributing it to my household. I even called up the newspaper’s head office and they assured me that i will have newspaper at my doorsteps within 48 hours. But like all promises made by the politicians, the promise was hollow.

Forced, I switched back to Times to India. Although I liked the articles of Gurcharan Das and Swaminathan A Aiyar, it did not take me long to realize that my IQ has started dropping rapidly by skimming through the glossy pages filled with skimpy models and celebrity gossips.

So Finally I have decided to amend my ways and have switched back to LiveMint. It is very affordable, the quality of articles and editorials also seem to be good. Lets hope the alliance works out for me.

So what newspaper do you read, and what do you like the most about it.


15 thoughts on “LiveMint

  1. i am not nit picking… and your comments are always welcome… it challenges my thoughts and that way i get a chance to learn new ideas and crystallize mine…

    all i was saying is that its odd that a guy who claims that he uses blogs to improve his spellings pays no attention to it while typing.


  2. new yr resolution
    focus while typing and commenting at enagar.

    for me sometimes keeping in touch is more important than being correct with my english, and when im in a super hurry as i was a few days back things went for a toss .


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