Aquatic Ape Theory

Did human beings evolved from tree dwelling apes or from aquatic apes?
This is a good read and explanation of the theory by Alistair Hardy who explains how the modern day humans are more closely related to aquatic creatures than land dwellers.

Also you can listen to this radio program on BBC supporting the theory.


15 thoughts on “Aquatic Ape Theory

  1. I am a biologist and I was very interested in the AAT. I even bought Marc Verhaegen’s book about it. And then I got very disappointed. The theory has so many flows, you better forget all about it. Jim Moore is right. He did quite some investigating and his comments are sane. Sorry for mr. Verhaegen (and mrs. Morgan), but scientifically and logically the AAT is not very convincing. But I’am still very fond of swimming.


  2. @Hans…
    Welcome to ENagar… πŸ™‚ I agree that on first glance the theory looks very exciting, but then as u said it is not able to withstand logical and scientific scrutiny…. after all that is why it is not the main stream theory. πŸ™‚

    but who knows maybe some day we will find a missing link that has fins and gills… and the entire course of human history would look totally different.


  3. After 5 years… for recent publications on the littoral theory (coastal & riverside dispersal of Pleistocene Homo), contact me, or google, eg,
    -Laden Verhaegen
    -Rhys Evans Vaneechoutte
    -econiche Homo
    and read in Human Evolution the Contributions from the Symposium held in London on 8-10th May 2013 “Human Evolution: Past, Present & Future”:
    -SPECIAL EDITION PART 1 (end 2013) contributions of P.Rhys-Evans, S.Oppenheimer, J.Langdon, S.Munro, A.Kuliukas,M.Verhaegen,L.Broadhurst & M.Crawford
    -SPECIAL EDITION PART 2 (begin 2014) with 12 more contributions.


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