Nationalism is Evil

“Nationalism is our form of incest, is our idolatry, is our insanity. ‘Patriotism’ is its cult.”
– Erich Fromm

“Nationalism is an infantile disease, the measles of humanity.”
– Einstein

People often confuse between patriotism and nationalism so let me start with describing how the two are different.

Patriotism is love for ones country, willingness to sacrifice for it but accepting that it has its faults,

Nationalism is the doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other. It believes that the love of ones nation above everything, even our own humanity, above morality, and sometimes above common sense. Nationalism is often disguised as patriotism, or starts out as patriotism. But in reality it is the corruption of that pure word.

Nationalism is an evil. It causes wars, its roots lie in xenophobia and racism. Its a tool of the Fascists which clouds one’s judgment by masquerading its evil actions as ‘Patriotism’. It is the entity that justifies mass slaughter, genocide, violence and crimes against Humanity.

I do not get scared easily, but the word Nationalism and Regionalism sends out a shiver down my spine. If these Nationalistic/ Regionalistic are given a free hand, they will destroy the entire civilization (and maybe even the entire world). They will divide the nation into 26 different nations which will be fighting bloody and expensive battles against each other for generations to come.

This is how they will work:
1) They will make you feel proud about your culture, race, ancestors, history etc.
2) They will boost your self confidence by making you believe that your race is superior than anybody else.
3) They will define what being an Indian, Marathi, Kanatika or Tamil means.

Once they have achieved all the above 3 stages of mental conditioning, the Satan starts revealing itself.
4) They will make you perceive the entire world in black and white. You will see all actions/developments/events as Hindu/non-Hindu, Indian/non-Indian, pro/anti Marathi, Tamil, Telgu, Kanadada etc.
5) They start clouding your judgment. They will make you believe that your culture and identity is under threat. The unpatriotic are plotting and scheming against you. They will make you feel cornered, insecure and provoke you to fight for your existence. A common man that has never hurt even a fly in his life, will pick up arms and start killing/terrorizing all those whom he feels are different.
6) First it starts with isolated incidents, non-physical bouts, but soon the malaise will spread to the entire region. Mobs will roam freely on the streets and cull freely and mercilessly.
7) In this anarchy, the proponent of Nationalism/Regionalism would eliminate all opposition and systematically destroyed the Democracy.
8 ) Then the same person will come forward as a symbol of peace and try to show that he is trying to restore the law and order. In the process, he would come to power. (usually an authoritarian rule)

If you want to know what follows, read Mein Kampf.

Nationalism is an evil. It causes wars, its roots lie in xenophobia and racism. Its a tool of the Fascists which clouds one’s judgment by masquerading its evil actions as ‘Patriotism’, and spreading lies and propaganda. It is the entity that justifies mass slaughter, genocide, violence and crimes against Humanity.

Please don’t let the evil divide your country.

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12 thoughts on “Nationalism is Evil

  1. //There is a widely accepted reading of recent history which puts the blame for such disasters as World Wars I and II squarely on the shoulders of nationalism.//
    i would totally agree to that but would differ on the time lines.
    Napoléon Bonaparte used Nationalism as a tool to find recruits for his wars. Before that soldiers fought only for loot/glory (a lot of people would differ on that though)… he found that by instilling a feeling of nationalism, the number of recruits increased many folds.

    However the concept was still in its infancy. Bismarck who defined what German means and united them, never skirted with the idea of Nationalism. Even in the WW1, feeling of Nationalism was not widespread. For ages British and French felt they were the superior most race, but the feeling never made them forget Humanity (expect in the colonies, whose inhabitants were not considered as humans anyways)
    However only during the Depression when the morale went low did nationalism started emerging… Not only in Germany, Japan but also in the rest of the developed Europe.


  2. @Peter..
    thanks for dropping by. You have some really wonderful inputs 🙂
    //Martin van Creveld //
    i love his analysis of wars…
    esp when a very strong state fights a very weak one… the strong state will always lose.

    //it removes blame from the institution which made possible //
    i agree, but then i cannot agree that democracy is bad.. because nationalism is usually prevalent in lands where common man has large participation in the govt and policies (either in making it or implementing it and turning a bold vision into success.)

    Soviets btw is a great example. It tried to impose russian culture, values and ideas into people who have nothing Russian about them. Hence the moment the democracy was introduced, the entire state crumbled. and the hostility was so much that a several armed intervention were required.
    China surprisingly is not going down this path.. maybe because of the rapid growth is overshadowing all the faults… but a Chineese recession might really disturb the political peace of the area.


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