Race: Movie Review

If you have not yet watched this movie, then you probably have saved 3 hours of your precious time. This movie was a sheer waste of time and money and I am so sorry I watched it.

the 6 characters were:
Saif Ali Khan …. Ranvir Singh (bada Bhai)
Akshaye Khanna …. Rajeev Singh (chota bhai, a waster)
Katrina Kaif …. Sophia (Saif’s sexy secretary)
Bipasha Basu …. Sonia (she and Saif love each other, yet she marries Akshaye)
Anil Kapoor …. Robert D’ Costa (police inspector who would bore you by eating fruits and cracking PJs)
Sameera Reddy …. Mini (Anil’s bimbo secretary)

Here is how the story goes (don’t read if you want to watch the movie)
There are 2 step brothers. Younger brother is a waster while the elder brother is a gambler. The elder brother has a beautiful secretary, who also happens to have a crush on him, and also a girl friend whom he intends to marry.

Now the insanity begins:
The younger brother likes the elder brother’s girl, so the elder brother sacrifices his love for him.
Then the younger brother dates his bhabi and makes a proposition. They will together kill him and share the spoils of a 100M$ insurance between the two. The girl agrees, but promptly reveals the entire plan to the Saif (elder brother). However, moments after that she pushes Saif off the roof. He takes the fall and his dead body is shown and verified by the Police Morgue.
At this point the movie looks like a bit complicated movie on human greed.

Then enters Anil Kapoor. He and his bimbo secretary would bore you with their PJs. So much that the guy sitting next to me started snoring. During investigation it was revealed that Saif is married to the hot secretary (kaitrina Kaif) so all the insurance money would go to her. But immediately after that the scene changes and you would find the younger brother (akshay khanna) sleeping with Kaitrina. Then Anil Kapoor steps in and proves that the Kaitrina’s marriage was fake and Akhsay bribes him to get the insurance money. Bipasa Basu (Akshaya’s wife) now discovers that she has been double crossed and by some twist of fate, mistakenly ends up paying a contract killer for her own assassination. Then out of thin air Saif Ali Khan rises from the dead and saves Bipasha Basu, who immediately falls in love with her. then instead of killing his younger brother with the revolver that is in his hand, he challenges him for a car race. …. ….

And the plot thickens revealing many more twists and turns.


9 thoughts on “Race: Movie Review

  1. wow that was a real funny synopses
    looks like it is taken from likes of bold n beautiful and young n restless
    as i dont intend to see it until i get a dvd or the movie on a pen drive from a friend tell me
    Then the younger brother dates his bhabi and makes a proposition
    who is the bhabhi the gf or the secretary or some other one?

    mistakenly ends up paying a contract killer for her own assassination
    only in desi movies can bimbos be so dumb 🙂
    ps where in the hell is miss ugly – kareena>?


  2. bhabi is Bipasa Basu.. Saif’s original girl.

    //only in desi movies can bimbos be so dumb//
    well Sameera Reddy was even dumber.

    //where in the hell is miss ugly – kareena>?//
    I don’t remember seeing her.. was she in the movie?

    the 6 characters were:
    Saif Ali Khan …. Ranvir Singh
    Akshaye Khanna …. Rajeev Singh
    Katrina Kaif …. Sophia
    Bipasha Basu …. Sonia
    Anil Kapoor …. Robert D’ Costa
    Sameera Reddy …. Mini


  3. but she is top heavy and exposure friendly – the audience love it 🙂
    u shd have mentioned who they play too
    so the bhabhi is bpis kat kaif is the sec and sameera is the bimbo secretary
    right the ok now the plot is finally getting clearer

    on kareena – well she is always with saif xylene has posted abt his karena tatoo


  4. //
    ….revolver that is in his hand, he challenges him for a car race. …. ….

    Lol. That was a real nice joke.

    Probably you should label this post under the “Humour” heading.


    Btw Ankur, how are you doing?

    Voracious Blog Reader


  5. @VBR…
    good to see you after such a long time 🙂 and I am really missing ur comments and posts. why don’t you take some time and write something this weekend.

    I am back from Seoul and from a long weekend in Singapore. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun and enjoyment. it also gave me a chance to control my addiction for gambling and get some things in order. however on the downside is that I have neglected ENagar for almost a month now and that is something which I need to correct soon.


  6. hehe…….good review…….
    Totally agree that Anil Kapoor and Sameera were a waste……..Bips n Saif acted well ……d only reason to watch d movie can b its twists………(mostly senseless)…….but if u r totally ‘vetty’ n want to watch an extremely amusing movie do watch it:)


  7. @surbhi…
    i totally agree with u, it was a good for nothing chick flick.

    I am usually very selective in the movies I watch and skip the bad ones. i do not know why and how I ended up watching this one


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