Basic Courtesy

We went to a resort on the weekend and one acquaintance of mine had a wardrobe Malfunction. Since I always pack a set of spare overalls when on any day long outdoor activity, I loaned him my pair of shorts. What infuriated me is that when after 2 days I asked him for my shorts, he returned them in the soiled condition. Whats worse, he did not even had the common sense to fold it and put it inside a polythene cover or wrap it in a piece of old newspaper.

Cleaning the shorts is not a big effort, but since I do not know who this guy is, I would see this action as a reflection of his upbringing and mannerism. Had he been a close friend, I would have mocked and taunted his actions so that this never gets repeated.

Indian parents treat their kids like little emperors and don’t even spend a day training them how to behave in public and in social situations. Even after graduating from college and spending years in professional life, most people do not know how to behave and talk in front of girls. That it is rude to stare.



14 thoughts on “Basic Courtesy

  1. //when u don’t interect much with ur frnds n relatives (i mean physically n emotionally n not just through mails……..), how will our kids learn the basic etiquettes n rules of living in a society????????//
    i know its the curse of nuclear family.. nobody has time for anybody else and people just don’t get along.

    //.n i don’t think u r in that category now (so don’t wry 🙂 )//
    thank god.. recently a couple of people proved that i am cold hearted and insensitive.. and now i thought u were implying that i am old fashioned and orthodox.. i was getting scared 😦

    //ppl usually don’t agree to my point of view (sob …….sob) //
    so u r a philosopher in making. IIT campus is a great place to debate and hone your skills. i am sure the 4 years would turn you into a fine spokesperson


  2. //i am sure the 4 years would turn you into a fine spokesperson
    i hope so…..i really wanna b one ……n thanks for believing that i can b one …….:)


  3. hey..i did not log on to ur blog for long so late comment…it must have been a tough time for you considering you wash ur own cloth 😉 …


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