Bunking Classes

It is very common for students to bunk classes. Many of them count the number of classes they attend and make sure they do not have to attend even 1 extra class. What a waste.

I believe that bunking classes is like shooting yourself in the foot. During lecture hours, a student should either be in the class or in the hospital. There is no 3rd place.

I agree that many smart kids feel that they can learn what the old professor teaches on their own in half the time. But the problem is that that half class always gets procrastinated. Whats worse is that because of loss of continuity, they spend the first half of the next class trying to figure out what the professor is trying to say.

Lastly, if you think you are so smart that you do not need to attend the classes, then go do some home schooling. Don’t waste your father’s money.


31 thoughts on “Bunking Classes

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