12 Angry Men (1957)

It is a must watch blank and white movie. (if you are in Bangalore, then you can pick the CD from my place)
Its a extremely simple, low budget movie as the entire movie is shot in a small single roam and there were no costumes or expensive sets. The movie revolves around 12 strangers who as members of the Jury need to arrive as a unanimous verdict on the fate of a Teenager accused of murdering his father.


Another good movie to watch is Presitige

This is a movie about the dark side of obsession. 2 rival magicians (showmen, not real abstract stuff) are desperately trying to unravel the secret behind the other guy’s tricks. In this quest, they use treachery, deception, lies and ultimately bring destruction to themselves and the people around them.
My response after watching this movie. I need to watch it again!