Why I won’t order from Dominoes anymore.

For the past 3-4 months, I have been working almost 16 hours a day. Since today I did not even have the time to walk to the restaurant for a dinner, I thought of ordering Pizza.

Here is my experience:
1) I went to the website to try to locate the phone number of the nearest outlet. But after the home page, any other access results in the following output:

2) So I thought I would call up their Hungry Kya Helpline 1800-111-123.
3) It was promptly picked up and the order was taken.
4) After 5 minutes, when I provided the address, immediate reply came: “Sorry our branch does not cover your area. I will give you the number of the nearest outlet, you can place your order there.”
5) I told them this is my order, why don’t they call up the other store/do an online transfer of order. But they don’t have this provision.
6) I finally called up the second store, they said there is an outlet in the basement of my building and this is its address. Hence wasting another 5 minutes of my time.
7) When I called up their 3rd store, they said: “Thank you for calling Dominoes…. blah blah blah…. sorry due to too much order volume we won’t be able to service your order for the next 50 minutes” (BTW it was a normal weekday, no special occasion or weekend rush)

How can a store whose marketing is centered around home delivery and Hungry Kya concept except that their customer would starve itself for 50 + 15 = 1hour 5 minutes?
Why do they so proudly advertise their phone number when it does not work?
Do they really think a customer would be patient enough to repeat the order 3 times?
What is the use of advertising the 30 minutes guarantee when every time they have some excuse or the other to not commit to it?
Why don’t they fix their website?
Why can’t they put a simple call center. You order there and the order would be routed to the nearest store?

Am I asking too much… It took me less time to go all the way to the restaurant, have a nice meal and come back.


14 thoughts on “Why I won’t order from Dominoes anymore.

  1. Update: I got an apology call from the Head of Gujarat (Dominoes) and I had a lengthy (very polite) talk with him for nearly half an hour. At the end he wanted to make it up and has set up an “Apology Treat” – same order as yesterday + Coke + Garlic bread on the house….I didn’t expect that because I thought the entire dominoes india chain was messed…but it seems that is not the case. IT seems the top levels of the state distribution chain are professional and very interested in the same. I was pleased by the response (A phone call in the morning to my online complaint sent).

    I was asleep when he called the first time so I told him to call me after an hour. Promptly he called back after an hour.

    Overall after sales service (Support/complaint resolution) was 8.5/10! (1.5 is left to see the future orders I place and the reaction and quality I get).

    I have tons of hope for Dominoes….

    Regards 🙂


  2. @shivam…
    well although Dominoes do advertise that delivery guys are not penalized, their pay structure is incentive driven and these chaps do lose their incentives in case of bad delivery.. anyways what we really want is a commitment to service…. and some food before we starve to death…

    but the good thing is that state head converted you to a loyal customer.


  3. Sub: Worse service and cheap tactics to break the promise of Dominos (Free Pizza if not delivered in 30 Mins).

    I never thought a repudiated pizza house Dominos behavious very cheaply with customers.

    I have ordered the Pizza on July 21th’2009 from the phone number XXXXXXXXX.The Cold pizza was delivered after One and Half Hour for free that to I was keep on calling to concern dominos branch. After that, I had a talk with JAGGAN who is the branch manager of Dominos of Thavarkeri branch(Bangalore). He promised me to give one more PIZZA for free to maintain customer relation ship. when I ordered the Pizza on 24 july’2009 the order was taken by VEKI, the way he spoke to me it was very hurting .He talked to me as if he is the owner of Dominos and as we are begging for pizza and he said from the next time onwards there is no delivery to my address. The same Dominios when I order first 2 times they promptly delivered the pizza in 20 Mins.I dont why after subsequent orders they have delayed one and half hour.

    IF Dominos is inefficient to delivery the pizza in 30 Mins and not able to keep the promise why you people distributes the pamphlets’ with highlighting the “If not delivered the PIZZA 30 Mins the pizza will be given free”.

    Because of your delivery attitudes and cheap tactics I spoiled my dinner party. This will I am going to take to FORUMS and tell about your delivery attitude. If I won’t get the reply to this mail I am going to Consumer Forum and I have complete history of my orders.

    Don’t try to fool and cheat the customers.


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