Bengaluru International Airport

Bangalore is proud to present a new airport. After 10 years of delay and colossal cost overruns, this airport would be finally open. The best part of the airport is that a drive to the airport would take more time than the actual flight. Hence for most of the destinations in the South India, it would be faster to take a train than to take a flight. And did i forget that it is so expensive that for the past 1 decade govt was collecting extra tax on the petrol sold in Bangalore for it, and now on top of that you will have to shell out a hefty User development fees.

Anyways for those of you who would be unfortunate enough to use it, here are a few useful maps.


2 thoughts on “Bengaluru International Airport

  1. i got an email stating that its wud cost 600Rs for taxi from airport to MG road.. if that is fixed, those guys are gonna charge 1.5 times over.

    I wud take a train home.


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