good guy or effective guy

i am wondering what is more important…
being a nice human or being an effective one?

I have talked for weeks politely over call centers of ICICI Bank,
Makemytrip, dell, Citibank and even my office… nothing gets done .. but the moment i
lose my temper my problem is resolved in a jiffy. So essentially in the past 7 days I have lost my temper 7 times.

I feel guilty everytime i raise my voice or talk rudely to anybody, but if that is the only way if I can get my work done, I wonder if that is what I should do


4 thoughts on “good guy or effective guy

  1. Hindustan Pureit guys teach us patience. they dont care if we are good or effective. I am not irritated with anyone else like those guys !!!!!! and i dont regret it either.


  2. Well there is no such rule ki ur work will be done only when u lose temper…… might be it happened to u more no. of times …….i think being patient n polite really pays…… if u really want to be heard – try reading Dale Carnegie, awesome writer …… well i don’t know how relevent is the suggestion here but just spreading a word as i m a real fan of him 🙂


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