Allergic to Hygiene

Somehow it seems that my stomach is sensitive to hygienic food. I eat all sorts of crap (including food from roadside stalls and from my office cafeteria). Sometimes when I travel, I have to eat food whose name I cannot even pronounce, yet I rarely get stomach upset. However, everytime within 24 hours of my visiting my parents house, I get a stomach upset. Usually its loose motions, but recently its also accompanied by food poisoning.
The strangest thing is that the same food is eaten regularly the rest of the members of the family (that also includes my grand parents who are in their late 80s) and they never get ill. My mother cooks real hygienic food and also does not deep fry or add too much of ghee in my meals. I used to enjoy it during my childhood, but now it seems like my stomach cannot tolerate it any more.

My mother has a conspiracy theory that I am allergic to Hygienic environment. What do you think it is?


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