sardar and helping others

During my recent visit to Amritsar, Wagah, Jalandhar and Kapurthala, I have realized one thing that in the name of religion, Sikhs do a lot of good to the society. Golden temple has a nice Langar, which serves free, good quality, hygienic food round the clock to anybody and everybody.
Then during the summer months, almost all across the city Sikhs serve chilled rose water (which contains milk, sugar syrup, rose extracts and ice cold water).
Another interesting aspect of Sikh religion is that they encourage people from all regions and caste to worship in their temples. then the gurudwaras actually work to make life of people around better.

This made me ask one question. Temples like Tirupati, Vaishno Devi, Badrinath, Puri etc receive substantial funds. Where does all that money go?

PS: I still maintain my earlier stance on Puri


14 thoughts on “sardar and helping others

  1. ya i agree most temples in india are too commercialized .. it only reminds me of the biblical incident where Jesus Christ expressed his anger towards the market at the temple in Jerusalem.

    about caste system in Sikhs…. well looks like i was mistaken.. but will check


  2. @rash,
    If you have waited just for 5 hours with free ticket, and could see the lord for 5 minutes, then many people would consider you as a very fortunate person. Tirupathi is the most popular temple. So many pilgrims come. Everybody should get chance to see the lord. If everyone is given a chance to see the lord for 10 mins, then we may have to wait for 100 hours or even more. That is even bad. Just think of what would you do differently, if you were made as TTD chairman.

    Even I don’t like having entrance ticket to see the god. But, in places like tirupathi, for general darshan, we may have to wait for more than 10 hours. It is not possible for everyone. By introducing the special ticket, those who cannot afford time will also get benefit. If they use that money for the people who are waiting in the general queue, it would be even more better. But, there should be always a free darshan.


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