Rural India

With >80% of the landholdings <5acre, the rural agriculture economy is heavily dependent on family labor. Hence there is an increased tendency of village males to migrate to cities. Infact a lot of them commute and work in the nearby cities (a fact that is not adequately captured in statistics .. both census and consumption pattern)

As per NCAER estimates in 2007, 41% of all rural income comes from agriculture and rest comes from other professions like non-crop agricultural activities, manufacturing activities, trading, shop-keeping and professional and other services providers—electricity generation, construction, mining and quarrying trade, transportation and haulage services, tailoring, carpentry, jewellery, blacksmith, handloom and handicraft-making, oil processing, paddy-husking, fishing, coir rope-making, village services, teaching, bank jobs and so on.

About 40% of rural household donot own land and most households supplement their agriculture income with non-agri sources.

One percent of rural India is 1.4 million households, 10% is at least 10 million households.


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