Thus spoke Love-Guru

– This post is written by our esteemed colleague skabeesh

Was fortunate enough to get a week off from studies to go home. I was really surprised to find myself playing a love-guru to an old friend who recently got engaged (and in trouble, thereafter). Apparently, guys feel playing fast and loose with other girls is an integral part of seeing a gal. The worst part was that the female was giving up…and here is where I came to the rescue :). Quoting myself, “The girl needs to have the upper hand in all relations for it to be successful. Being in love with a guy is no different than training a dog.” I told a surprised her over coffee. “Just as the dog needs to look upon the trainer as an alpha male, so is the same with the guy to the gal. It does not need to be evident; it works fine even if the boy understands it at a subconscious or unconscious level. And if the dog isn’t trained, it is because the trainer has given up. All dogs by nature are supposed to be wild.”
It’s started to brighten up things between the pair, hopefully to this advice. Guys, I too am a guy committed happily to a good gal, and believe me this works.