Hand Writing




10 thoughts on “Hand Writing

  1. Your last statement is profound. Our handwriting makes us unique, but as a sloppy writer I’m thankful for having a laptop and keyboard so I can type and correct my mistakes easily. As a teacher, I wish I could have all student type rather than write, because their penmanship is horrible. It’s more and more difficult to find people with legible penmanship. And writing in cursive, forget about it. They don’t even teach it in school anymore. Soon, perhaps, we’ll all be using a hand held touch phone to write everything.


  2. Hmmm, from a cursory analysis of your handwriting I have come to a conlusion that you suffer from a low self esteem, u are afraid of riding a vehicle, u are un-comfortable in the presence of loud mouthed people….Hey just kidding 🙂


  3. @ Mr Froehlich:

    Its shocking to note that cursive writing is not tought in school. I too had a cursive handwriting. However, I liked the way my Hand writing is when I tried it out.

    @ Bhanu

    Lol. true.

    @ Prax

    Yes, the letter conveys litte info. It was also meant to be. It was just a shot at writing something.

    @ Gautam

    Haw haw haw. You caught me there. Nice one.

    @ Sindhu

    Thank you so much Sindhu. 🙂 By the time I am typing this, you have already posted it. 🙂


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