India’s secret N-submarine

i was reading the press release by A. K. Antony, India’s Defence Minister:
“India’s secret Nuclear submarine project is near completion”
My views WTF:
1. If it was a secret, then why on earth are you revealing its existence.
2. What benefit does India has to gain by acknowledging that it does not have a nuclear submarine. An incomplete submarine (which is scheduled to be completed by 2012) is equivalent to no submarine for next 4 years. So what does one mean by NEAR COMPLETION?
3. If one trusts DRDO’s capabilities then definitely this submarine would be 20 years behind schedule, would be costing 10 times more than estimate and the submarine would be so rickety that Indian navy would not like to risk manning those submarines.


4 thoughts on “India’s secret N-submarine

  1. Good analysis
    God knows if the atv will even be useful once it is out or it will suffer the fate like the drdo tank
    Well politics and a desperate need to show that the govt is serious abt defence
    is the main cause of this circus


  2. In my personal opinion,our foreign policy has always been influenced.You must consider the timing of the statement.We are at the worst ever relation with Pak. Only experts can say why such a statement was given,It must be having an angle which you may have missed


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