Handling Parents

A visit to Landmark, Infiniti Mall, Mumbai made me realize that there are a few dozen books on parenting, handling a girl/boy child, how to handle rude kids, teenage, etc. etc.
Basically for parents facing having kids/grandkids of almost all ages and facing variety of issues.
However I could not find a single book on handling pushy parents. Parents who push their own agenda too hard that they rob the kid of the freedom. How to bond with parents who spend so much time on the job that they completely ignore you?

I guess there is a big market to be tapped.


5 thoughts on “Handling Parents

  1. The target audience for such books is (largely) not expected to hunt for (and read) *books* to solve such problems.

    Companies would expect parents to buy books on parenting. They don’t expect children to buy books to deal with any such personal problem — pushy parents, high-achieving sibling, bullies in school, generation gap, peer pressure for alcohol/smoking/drug addiction, etc etc


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