The original SUV

Isn’t it a miracle that in spite of all the technological advances, what we really want is the original old version that we actually started with


5 thoughts on “The original SUV

  1. I am working with someone who is “self-publihsing” a book and he would like to use Ankur’s SUV cartoon as one of many cartoons in his book.

    Is this cartoon available to purchase for public printing. Since this will be a self-published book through and then for sale on Amazon (since Createspeace is owned by Amazon), the potential sale and distribution of this book will most likely be small.

    We are ready and anxious to get the manuscript uploaded for self-publishing and would appreciate it very much if you could reply as to purchasing this cartoon for publication in this self-published book. The other cartoons we are using (mainly from are in the $40 – $75 range.

    Thank you very much – Linda


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