Infidelity: Its not about wrong choices

At I saw this wonderful cartoon that basically highlights the fact that irrespective of what you choose, the grass is greener on the other side


6 thoughts on “Infidelity: Its not about wrong choices

  1. This cartoon can be defined as sexist in this modern day and age
    Don`t women fake it?

    Ps no market or political comments ankur
    Big congress victory , a maya negation , laloo paswan negation
    and a big climbup by mkts 25% up in some cases


  2. well since it makes fun of a guy and is posted by a guy.. no one will call it sexist.

    about woman faking…. well they also do.. and thats part of life.

    about market… remember i had told u about this derivative fund that i was planning to launch… looks like in another 3 weeks i would send out the NFO mailers.

    about political comments… sorry mumbai life is very hectic and i have reached almost the fag end of the internship and this sunday would be the last weekend for me…. (we should meet)
    will update after the internship report is complete and the negotiations with fund’s traders is complete


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