Power of Commitment

Ever wondered why USA could never pull out of Vietnam War even years after it realized it was a lost cause.
Why India is unable to make the LoC as the official Border even though both sides know they won’t be able to achieve anything more than that.

Its called the power of commitment. Most people hate to see their efforts, time and resources go waste and desperately want to bring a logical conclusion to their pursuits. Many novice traders are known to throw good money after bad by continuing to hold/increase positions rather than cut losses. Infact the common observation is that the more the person has committed/wasted for a cause, the more desperate he/she becomes to win.

If you are a smart person, then you can
1. Prolong the crisis/issue resolution and make the person desperate
2. Then when you realize that the person is all desperate show them a small window of opportunity where they could salvage their pride and get on with their lives.


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