Presentation through slides

A picture is worth a thousand words. A good presentation is like a good book where the slides/pictures are there to better explain the main flow. However a bad presentation is one where the presenter is like a prop hired to read the slides verbatim.
I have never met a person who opposed the idea that slides are meant to enhance the presenter’s ability to put forward his/her ideas and convince the audience. Yet, why do so few people practice it?


5 thoughts on “Presentation through slides

  1. i guess thats why they say a good teacher is one who follows his own teachings…but i think it might be also because of the the fact that these ppl are unable to make ppts that way, it is a sort of a skill…


  2. I oppose ppt for presentations,
    basically it distracts you from the speakers.
    The best presenters rarely use presentations,
    the only exceptions maybe Steve Jobs 🙂

    Bill Gates presentations are boring.

    Go0gle presentations are awesome 🙂
    especially the ones on you tube.
    You hear someone say something and then the shot of what has been said.


  3. i believe that the ppt should contain an overview of what you are going to talk about, it may even contain a cartoon which drives home your point pertinently.
    in effect, a ppt should supplement what you are talking about either through presenting a broader pic, or through display of the result/point to be made while you talk away the rest.


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