Environment Awareness

I had the fortune of visiting some of the beaches of the Mediterranean. The water is so clear that one can count his toenails while swimming. As compared to that in Mumbai, the sea water is so polluted that it could be easily labeled as a Bio-Hazard zone.

Yet whenever we talk about pollution India and China always shift the blame to the western world. They claim that the developed world produce majority of the greenhouse gasses. The per-capita quantity of waste and pollutants generated by a citizen in American or Europe far exceeds that produced in the developing world. However the paradox is that still the environment is far more polluted in India than outside.

There can be only 2 possible reasons that seem viable to me. Firstly because of lack of proper handling and recycling facilities the same quantity of effluents, sewage and solid waste generated in a developed nation ends up being much more toxic than it is in the developing world.

Secondly there is lack of awareness. I was amazed that in South Korea, when I accidently thrashed a plastic cup in the wrong waste bin, my Korean friend actually went inside the garbage to retrieve it. I don’t think I can see the same kind of dedication in any of my Indian friend. While it is natural to see people segregating their waste into proper bins so that they could be recycled, in India expecting that people use the dustbins is too much to ask. Net result is that even if in Indian street we produce only 1 plastic bag as waste, it will eventually end up inside one of the drain pipes, clog it and create a mess. While in Spain sea surfers don’t even use a soap/shower gel while taking the shower on the seaside, lest that will pollute the sea.


17 thoughts on “Environment Awareness

  1. @Rajesh: I agree to your point in principle…but I know every time I wish for a military style in India, esp in politics, I know that I will be the first one to grudge against it upon implementation. That’s because when we make such a wishful thought, we forget that it will apply to us too.
    The same careless culture is so deeply embedded in us that we are equally responsible for the current situation and it is difficult to change. Its old dog and new tricks…


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