HDFC: What credit crisis

When someone asks me the impact of credit crisis on India, the only answer that comes to my mind is:
India’s GDP is growing at 6-7% percent per annum… HDFC Bank (Housing Development Finance Corporation) which as the name suggests is one of the largest private sector bank with a huge portfolio exposure of home loans is trading at a 52 week high and at a Price to Earnings ratio of 36.31 (source)



2 thoughts on “HDFC: What credit crisis

  1. what rubbish? GDP- does not indicate prosperity just a figure . What about PPP or GDP per capita? Simply producing and exporting goods and services do not add stimulus to wealth. India still is a dualistic economy where the majority 70% are poor and the rest enjoying fruits of globalisation.


  2. i totally agree that majority of the people have not started enjoying the fruits of globalization. however if given sufficient time the prosperity and higher productivity will seep through the social structure


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