Some PJs by Aakriti

Q: Why is Sunday stronger than Monday?

Monday is a Weak Day….



Q: What would Baby Corn say To Mom Corn?

He’ll ask:

“Where is Pop Corn?”


Q: What is the full form of CNBC ???

Cartoon Network for Business Community !!


Q: Do u know what is the meaning of PYAR?

Some friends sitting on the table in a BAR…..
& saying…..
“P – YAAR”
Dharam Paaji subscribed to Hutch. But the hutch network did
follow him.

Bcoz the Dog was afraid,

‘Kutte! Main tera khoon pee jaunga.’

Q: Agar Bengali ka phone kat jaaye, to woh kya kahega?


Bear this PJ !!

Q: What is the difference between Paneer Masala and Paneer
‘Tikka’ Masala??

The Latter is Vaccinated…!!


Q: If Bill Gate’s mother gets bored, What will u call her?



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