Why I do not use sms

I am not technologically challenged, but still I refuse to communicate via sms. My reasons are simple:

1. It takes a lot of time to type a sms, in caparison a simple short telephone call is more effective both in terms of time and money.

2. Then to have a meaningful conversation, one has to send sms back and forth. A phone call on the other hand is a 2 way medium where you get the acknowledgement of the message as well as its feedback immediately.

3. A stream of poorly framed text without any good punctuation or spelling can never represent me correctly. Tone, voice modulation, pauses, decibel level etc. say a lot the feelings of the speaker and how well it’s received and is missed by the emotionless sms. Chances of being misinterpreted are also higher on sms.

4. My email box has advanced spam filter which saves me from the agony of sifting through spam. SMS does not filter out all the advertisements or stupid jokes and forwards that seem to clutter my phone.

5. I believe that in life somebody or the other is constantly judging. Nobody gets impressed by a good sms, but a well drafted mail or a professional phone call can.

All said and done, I do sometimes use sms to pass forward postal address or telephones.


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