Flat tire

Life in those tires with tubes was so simple. If you got a flat tire, the vehicle would start to sway hence leaving you with no option but to stop and change your tire.

However these days with a tubeless tire it can take an eternity to discover that you have a puncture/flat tire. Sure there is a loss of power, but the riding condition only gets affected marginally. I have talked to a couple of people and all of them agree that it was a fellow traveler (from another vehicle) or their car cleaner who enlightened them about this situation.

Is there any automated way of realizing that your tires are deflated?

One thought on “Flat tire

  1. An automated method would be too costly or they would have put it in at least in the higher end models. Best strategy – check every time you start on journey and after every 50/100 km. on long trips.


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