Glamping (GLAmorous camPING)

Best gift to a loved one is time and undivided attention, but planning the weekend getaway is often too much of a task. Plus the time it takes to drive through traffic and pack the goods and last-minute cancellations often makes it a real drag.
Solution *glamping* (As per urban dictionary: “It’s like regular camping, but with nicer things than usual, being warmer and more comfortable”)
Why don’t you borrow the rooftop keys to your high-rise, set up a tent, possibly a barbecue, some torchlight/candlelight and surprise your family with a surprise evening together time. As a favor, please leave your phone/laptops behind.
It is just reinventing the tradition of picnics and rooftop parties (where bucket full of mangoes/fruits & milk were the only items in the menu).

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