Obscenity & nudity

Unlike the popular perception, these are 2 totally different topics. However in our bid to reduce nudity in media (esp. Bollywood movies) we have ended up promoting obscenity.

A new born is nude but it is not obscene. Jain’s Digambar monks wander around nude, but nobody accuses them with immodesty. A saree exposes more skin than the western clothes, but none of the Hindu Jehadis & ShivSeniks have any problems with Saree.

However the Item Songs where skimpily clad bimbos are dancing in Bollywood movies are distasteful. Lyrics like:
“Pawya chada ke aayi” (I am dancing drunk)
“Munni badnaam hue” (the dancer got disgraced)
“photo seene par fevicol se chupka kar” (stick my photo on our chest)
Are crass and obscene. Today’s movies are made on a simple formulae:
1. Series of item songs
2. Double meaning works
3. Pool, shower or bedroom scenes with leading actress in little or no clothes

Is this the level of creativity left in this nation… or is the nation so “Horny” that this is all they would view?

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