Take your business online for free

This article is for technically challenged first time users who want to create a simple online identity of their business/idea/blog.

  1. Facebook page: there is nothing simpler and economical than creating a facebook page.
    1.  register a page
    2. Make sure it comes under appropriate headings & category
    3. Upload photo & basic information
    4. Use the admin page to invite your partners
    5. Be Interesting: Upload infographics, pictures, smart 1 liners and content
    6. Invite friends & customers
    7. Build brand. Facebook is good for sharing the buzz/news/events/pictures and brand building. It is important to create content which people would like to share and talk about.
    8. Create ads to reach out to prospects (facebook ads are really affordable)
    9. Register domain
      1. http://www.indiagetonline.in/‎ Get .in domain for free (first year)
      2. BigRock.in (use samuhik.com as the coupon code and get 10-25% off on hosting & domain registration)
      3. Create a website:
        1. Assuming you just want an online presence, you don’t need an expensive website for that blogger.com (google’s service) allows you to create one for free.

i.      Register a domain at blogspot.com (any name will do)

ii.      Redirect that blog to your newly created domain name

iii.      Go to your domain registrar and change the name servers

iv.      Verify the ownership of your domain name (you need to add 2 CNames to your domain registry amongst other steps)

v.      Trouble shoot

  1. Create a professional website: Use a web builder (most of them have a monthly cost to host/use their template. However wix and plethora of several companies have professional looking easy to create website.
  2. Create email address: Nothing is a bigger turn off than a business email address that is from a free email service provider.
    1. I created Ankur@enagar.com using google apps but after 2012 google has stopped proving this as a free service
    2. Live.com (allows you to register your domain name, 2 simple steps to verify & create email addresses me@yourdomain.com (for free obviously)
    3. Use your hosting provider’s service (its easy)
    4. Register on relevant directories:
      1. Submit to google directory, google places, olx, sulekha alibaba and other places where your user might be researching for you
      2. SEO Marketing: come up to the top of the google search. So that next time somebody searches, they reach you and hear directly from you.
      3. Please write to me in case of any queries.

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